~5 Faves~

Sorry about not doing this last week, got too busy to sit and write. So here are this week’s five favorite things that I shared on my person Facebook newsfeed, hope you enjoy!


1) Green Renaissance Pic

Green Renaissance shared a picture a while back encouraging everyone to “inspire the world to grow our own food, in every available space we have.” I love container gardening, it’s perfect for any space big or small. Now if I could just get the right size hazmat suit to keep the mosquitoes at bay so I can go back out to garden again!


2) Country Living’s Top Pin for Today

Tis the season for fresh tomatoes and peppers! I love fresh salsa in the summer, it’s a such a refreshing change to the store bought stuff and I especially love how it lacks all those harsh chemicals and preservatives. Click the link above the picture to view Country Living’s top pin and visit their site for the 18 delicious salsa recipes!


3) Sweet Friendship

I have seen this particular story several times and it always melts my heart! I am a huge dog lover (I like cats too) and seeing one in pain, sad, or suffering just tears me up. So happy for Lily’s sake she has a wonderful friend to help her along and bring life back into her 🙂 Just seeing her smile in that upper picture you just know she is happy again!


4) Be Positive!


Aside from all the good one can experience in a week, there can also be a lot of negativity that can and will happen. It is important to remember that a positive mind is the only one that will prevail. You will never progress in this life if you constantly live in a negative state of mind. You’ll be stuck, becoming more toxic to those around you. Surround yourself with positive people who see the glass as half full, remove as much pessimism from your life as you possibly can and always keep quotes, like above, on hand for those days when it just seems like everything is going downhill fast. Remind yourself that what has happened in the past needs to stay in the past, you can’t change people they have to change themselves, and you become most the five people you surround yourself with. Choose wisely!


5) Brick Books for the Garden

A friend shared this and I fell in love with it! If you’re a book lover you will appreciate this even more 🙂 You might be tempted to grab one on your way to the hammock, that is until you go to pick it up and feel like you’ve just picked up a brick…oh wait, that’s exactly what it is!!  I know many of you are so amazingly talented I hope to hear that someone has created a few for their garden!! I love how weathered they look, so old and REAL!


I hope you have enjoyed this week’s 5 faves 🙂 Share and reblog as much as you want!

Have a blessed weekend 🙂


5 Faves from this Week….

So my Mom saw this idea, somewhere on the wonderful web, and told me about how every Friday some bloggers post their five favorite things from the week. Stuff they’ve seen, laughed at, a recipe they tried or will try, something inspiring, etc…I’m not one who goes with the flow and I’m a day late….but here goes 🙂

Amanda Gayle’s 5 Faves

1. Advice from the Ocean…


Coming out of my shell has been the theme this week for me. Trying new things, exploring other options and embracing some new habits. This weight loss journey so far has been successful, being officially down 10 pounds as of yesterday I’m feeling more determined to press on.

2. The Correct Response to the Question…

Hehe, excellent response!

3. 10 Health Benefits of Watermelon…



4. Chicken Parmesan Patty Melts

Chicken Parmesan Patty Melts Recipe

(I would prefer this without the ciabatta bread, serve it up with Dreamfield’s Angel Hair Pasta, and a side salad)


5. Realizing blessings…


This really hit me about mid week. Being surrounded by a loving family, amazing friends who have helped me overcome some major hurtles, and it reminded that even though I’m a perfectionist life is not perfect. Therefore, I need to stop placing such high expectations on absolutely everything. Life is messy, it doesn’t always go the way I want it to, and when that happens it’s not the end of the world. Take notice of the many blessings that come your way, count them daily!


These were just a few of my favorite things this week, what was yours?