Low Carb Vienna Sausage Pimento Salad

Hold on now, I know that not everyone like Vienna sausages, but to a low carb person it can be a meal saver! Especially on days when nothing else sounds good or you don’t have time to make an elaborate salad with all it’s trimmings.

I decided to combine two of my faves: pimento cheese spread with Vienna sausages one day just to keep the low carb eating interesting. It can be eaten alone or on low carb bread, other seasonings can be added (ie garlic powder, onion powder, cayenne pepper) as you like but I prefer to keep it simple. It’s easy to throw together and makes enough have for two meals!

Low Carb Lunch 008

Low Carb Vienne Sausage Pimento Salad

1 can armor Vienna Sausages, drained

1 Tblsp Pimentos, drained

3 Tblsp Mayo, homemade or your favorite

1/2 cups cheddar cheese, shredded

Low Carb Lunch 002     Low Carb Lunch 003

Drain and rinse sausages. Pat dry and chop with pastry cutter or fork until fine. Add in pimentos, drained is prefer unless you like your salad a little loose. It’s at this point you can add other seasonings, but I don’t recommend salt seeing how the little sausages are already salty enough. Perhaps some pepper to help balance out the flavors would do. 

Low Carb Lunch 006     Low Carb Lunch 007

Next, add in mayo (I used homemade) and cheddar cheese. Of course you can use any cheese you like, I use cheddar since we always keep it in the house. I have made this with Colby Jack and Pepper Jack cheese, very yummy with a little kick!

Low Carb Lunch 008

Give a stir and voila! In less than 5 minutes you have lunch that’s ready to eat alone or on low carb bread. It makes enough for two servings and per serving it has 1.6 net carbs. You could also eat this on lettuce leaves, on Wasa Crisps, or along side a large tossed salad.

Have a blessed day!