A TBT Celebration!!!


One of my favorite days of the week has been TBT’s. I love looking up old recipes, trying new things and sharing them on here. I know I’ve gotten lax in doing that lately, but I still enjoy this day even if I’m not writing about it. When I originally decided to share Throw Back Thursday posts it was my intention to bring back those recipes of old. You can do web searches for recipes that hearken back to the 1800’s and yet there aren’t any pictures, reviews or person thoughts. So I decided that it would be fun to pick certain ones that sounded good,for one, in the hopes you all would like to try them out yourselves. I would like to continue on with such posts, I do love cooking and baking after all, but instead of doing that weekly I may cut back to a once a month post for health reasons.


I know I’ve said this another time before, but I love old cookbooks. I grew up pulling out all of my Mom’s 70’s and 80’s cookbooks from the shelves and would sit there reading each recipe and falling in love the old pictures and wondering what each dish would taste like. One such recipe I shared on here was the Dutch Butter Cookies recipe.

Dutch Butter Cookies 057

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When I discovered this recipe, at the time I had no idea just how big of a hit it would be. Especially with my Mom! I grew up with her hand rolled sugar cookies that she would make once a year, always for Christmas, and those are her favorite cookie. Now I think the Dutch Butter Cookies have either tied with the hand rolled sugar cookies or at least come in at a close second. You really can’t messed these cookies up, it’s a four ingredient recipe that you can either enjoy plain or with colored sugar on top(as pictured above).  When you serve them up small they are perfect then for get togethers, easier for kids to pick up and enjoy, or you could cut them larger and decorate with frosting. It’s not a sweet cookie but I’ve not had any complaints yet from adults or toddlers 🙂 And kids are my harshest critics some times!

One of my all time TBT favorites, and I mean this was a newly discovered recipe for me that has become a winter staple now, is Milk Toast. Just from the name of the recipe it doesn’t sound very appetizing, but just wait!


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I’m the only one in the family who has tried this recipe, no one else is brave enough 😦 I don’t share nasty recipes, at least I try not to. Perhaps this one is more of a personal preference, but don’t judge this recipe until you’ve eaten it just once. It’s a very hearty meal, it’s best to use a slightly thicker slice of toast for best results. I’ve tried it with lower carb bread, it’s ok just not thick enough for my liking.

milk toast 007

It’s thick like oatmeal, the sprinkle of cinnamon sugar on top is completely optional. You can pre–cut the toast for easier eating and enjoyment. You could definitely add some raisins or craisins to this if you like, use any bread you prefer, I’ve wondered it French loaf slices would be tasty…*nods thoughtfully* I think it would!

Don’t be afraid to try new things, my friends. You never know what you could be missing out on 🙂


Feeling old yet?

Afternoon y’all, I finally had that feeling of “good grief I’m old” last night! I help teach a class of 3 & 4 year olds every Wednesday night at church. Two of the youngin’s arrived early and one of them had a heart sticker. She called it her Tenderheart sticker 😉 Oh the flashbacks that came rolling with that hehe!! I was sitting at the desk prepping their take home papers and I leaned forward close to her and asked her if she has ever done the Care Bear stare!!! She looked at me with that look of “uh, no I’m not THAT crazy!” lol Ok, so I was THAT crazy when I was her age 😛

$(KGrHqRHJBQFEzL0DlORBRs2vw0!9!~~60_35 I had Cheer Bear, I would sit with her and Butterbear (when I would watch the Wuzzles) and do my Care Bear stare when they would 🙂 And yes, I would bounce all over the place when the Gummi Bears came on 😀 Actually all my stuffed animals would watch my shows with me, pound puppies included! Oh those were the days, feels like it was just yesterday. Now admit it, you all did the same thing too, don’t deny it.


Raise your hand if you remember this funky morsel of 80’s cartoons *raises her hand* and I would only watch it when we would visit my Grandma and Grandpa Jones. I never slept well in their house and would wake up before the sun. So I’d come out to their living room feeling like a zombie and curl up on the sofa(back when I could curl up lol). My Grandma would turn on the tv and put it on Jem. I loved it and longed for my Barbie dolls to look as cool as Jem, because she was truly outrageous!

But my all time favorite toy that I used over and over until I lost teddyruxpin-e

the cover for the batteries was my...

Teddy Ruxpin!

Oh how I loved that toy, still have my original packed away along with my preemie cabbage patch baby dolls. I would put the tape in ol’ Teddy and hunker down on my bed with my babies and listen to story after story of Teddy’s adventures, often times pretending to shush one of the baby dolls.

How I wish I could explain to these youngin’s that they aren’t the first to enjoy things like Care Bears, Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, and the Smurfs. One day 🙂 When I’m gray haired…oh wait, already that lol…well, y’all get ready for stories titled “When I was your age” hehe to me those are always the best!

Happy TBT!!!


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TBT: What Happened in My Birth Year?

Yello! Sometimes I get curious about certain things and spend waste time surfing the web till I find what I’m looking for. I was feeling a tad nostalgic and decided to Bing search what happened the year I was born. Gnarly man!

Alright, for those older than me, you already know what happened in 1982. You were the hippest of that year, the coolest…you were rad! Before my memory starting kicking in at the age of two, you all got to see E.T. in theaters, Star Wars was still the best film rocking most geeks worlds, and you were probably sweatin’ to Physical by Olivia Newton John. Michael Jordan had burst on the scene that year and Super Mario Bros were gaining popularity. It was a great year to be alive! To be a teen and spend your time at the mall, drinking Tab, and showing off your snazzy 80’s fashion(tight stonewashed jeans and scrunch socks) 😉 Those were the days! And yes I do know the words to Ebony and Ivory…being the youngest of three kids I was exposed to a lot of the songs from the 80’s and still remember the words to most of them 🙂

At all curious about what happened in your birth year? Want to show your kids what happened the year they were born? I got ya covered! Click the picture below, enter your birth year or theirs, sit back and enjoy!

Sometimes it’s just nice to sit back and remember when..

And, want to see what your Mom, Grandma, Great–Grandma, Aunt, or Great–Aunt were making when you were younger? Here’s a fun website, Hey, my Mom used to make that, that offers a few recipes per decade of some outrageous delights. After looking through the 60’s–90’s Mom and I could say with certainty what was made at home or something like it was made instead or not at all. We have family recipes that have been made for decades and continue to be favorites for the grandkids in our family. Have fun exploring!


Amanda Gayle circa 1984


TBT: Egg Roshty (Rosti)–Recipe and Review

Hello sugar plums 🙂 It has been a great day so far, woke up around 7am and decided to make my boy some chocolate glazed poor man’s donuts (or bonuts…made from biscuits), spent some time catching up with a few folks online, answering emails, private messages, and taking in the view from our bonus room window. Just a lovely day outside…

Tuesday I went rummaging through my Mom’s cookbook collection in her office area (we have a lot of cookbooks and not enough room to keep them all in one place). That’s when I came across a 1986 Kidron Mennonite Church cookbook, thumbing through the sections I happened upon a recipe by a Martha Sommer called Egg Roshty. I’m not too sure that’s the correct spelling, hence why I added Rosti to the title. After some research I found out that rosti is traditionally made from shredded potatoes.

800px-Roesti    It is a popular dish in Switzerland, whereas it was a more common dish for Swiss farmers on the German side. This made it that more special for me to make it since a few of my Mom’s ancestors were most likely from that area 🙂 With that bit of knowledge in my back pocket, I gathered my ingredients for the egg roshty version and here is what I got!

3 eggs

1 c. milk


Beat eggs and add milk. Cube enough bread to soak up the egg mixture. Fry with fat in skillet.

That was all the recipe said, no other measurements, no other instructions on how to prepare this for frying. So I went with my intuition and that was to fry in batches or into patties.


Top L–R: Frying Egg Roshty in oil, Plated warm Egg Roshty’s.
Bottom L–R: Syrup covered Egg Roshty, All Gone 🙂

If you’re wondering, I added the watermark myself thanks to a handy little app on my iPod. The result of adding the cubed bread to the egg and milk mixture was actually no different than that of french toast. Since there were no instructions on how big to make the patties I used a 1/2 measuring cup, but I think it would be better with a 1/4 measuring cup. I used peanut oil and butter, added a tiny sprinkle of stevia to the raw side that was facing up in the first picture. Flip it over after it gets golden brown on one side. DO NOT ATTEMPT TO FLIP IT TOO EARLY, otherwise it will fall apart and make a mess. Once it’s done frying you can then place it on a plate with or without a paper towel, and enjoy with your favorite syrup. The kind of bread you choose to use will determine the success of this dish. If you prefer a french bread you could certainly use that or just a good homemade bread.

I wound up using about 6 slices of low carb bread to get, what I felt, was the right consistency, I wouldn’t use more than 8 slices unless you want a dryer rosti. This particular recipe made 6 rosti patties. If you have a large enough dish you could bake this in a moderate oven (350 degrees until golden brown) instead, however the word Rosti mean roast or fry. I’m wondering if a well seasoned cast iron skillet would be the best thing to bake or roast this in!

All in all, this was delicious and since I’m a lover of french toast anyway I found it to be a tasty breakfast. You can play with some seasonings, adding some pumpkin pie spice for the fall, top it off with cooked cinnamon apples, or your favorite fruit syrup. Then again, sticking with tradition, go savory with minced garlic, caramelized onions, a little parsley for color, and some crisp bacon crumbled over the top 🙂 Make a nice meal alongside a roasted sticky chicken and salad! Whichever way you decide to go, just be sure to have fun, because cooking is fun! It’s exciting and therapeutic even 🙂

Happy Eating!!