Off to a Great Start!

So far February has been a great month! My parents celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary on the 3rd…

   and my birthday was on the 7th. I was treated the weekend before my birthday to my favorite Chinese restaurant and my fortune cookie was so promising!


To take a chance…will see about that 😉

And the next day I received a sweet gift from a friend in the mail!


The Wednesday before my b–day I wasn’t able to go to church since G–Man was sick again(thankfully he’s better now) and yet another friend, who shares a love for reading and is a kindred spirit when it comes to the types of books we love, was so kind to remember me before my birthday!


I am just loving that little owl and the bookmark is perfect!!!

The morning of my birthday G–Man surprised me with a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY as I came down the stairs 🙂 And allowed me to catch up on my favorite dvr’d tv shows hehe 😀 And an unexpected gift from a friend is on it’s way here(will share that once it arrives), dare I reveal the geeky side of myself?! Ok, don’t judge, but I do enjoy comic hero movies. I grew up liking the original 1960’s Batman(lol yes with Adam West) and eventually Michael Keaton who reprise the role in the 1989 Batman movie! I have always enjoyed the X–Men, Fantastic 4, Silver Surfer, Thor, Incredible Hulk, and recently Deadpool has made a massive blip on my comic radar.  I personally cannot wait to see the movie next year! Ryan Reynolds who will be playing Wade Wilson/Deadpool is just perfect! He was ok as the Green Lantern, but I’m holding out the highest hope for him as Deadpool. Ok, enough geeking out…the character Deadpool was the inspiration for my birthday dinner. Well, his love for tacos was 😀 So my nephew and I made Mexican beef and chicken tacos for the family. They were such a hit.


I know how he feels…I will spare you all the number of tacos that were consumed that night but trust me if was worth it. So good!! And then there was cake…oh not just any cake. The Country Cook shared a recipe for a Coconut Cream Poke Cake! Now I had every intention on take pictures but I not only forgot to take pictures but it never occurred to me to take any lol I was enjoying it too much to stop for pictures. But thankfully the Country Cook has scrumptious pictures for you all to feast your eyes on and let me just say this cake is out of this world amazing!! This is one of those cakes that you will not regret making and will actually want to make oh I don’t know, two or three…yeah I just typed that…don’t judge lol!!!

(Yeah, it’s even better than it looks!!)

And I did promise I would share the pictures of the Valentines cookies I made for the 3&4 yr olds class I help teach on Wednesday nights.


G–Man helped with decorating them and he did an excellent job!! I had no idea, but there is actually a recipe for chocolate sugar cookies. I was shocked, over at Joy of Baking there is a tested recipe that turned out perfectly! To me, it tasted like a brownie. You can use their recipe for the frosting or you can whatever recipe you like. These cookies were a hit the kids loved them! I even found a recipe for strawberry sugar cookies. It uses freeze dried strawberries that have to be processed down into a powder, so someone could get really creative and do a Neapolitan sugar cookie platter! 

How has your February been so far?!



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